Kingdom of Kalinor


You set out from your campsite south of Kalinor City. Deciding to first stop at Stonerun and resupply, the four day journey was uneventful. Upon arriving in Stonerun, the town was strangely silent and devoid of any people. You soon realized that it had been attacked, with several buildings damaged or even burnt down. Making your way to the center of town, you discovered where the citzens of Stonerun made their valiant stand against whoever attacked. There were bodies of townspeople strewn about, yet no sign of who might have caused all this carnage.

You noticed many foot and boot prints heading west, as well as wagon and a set of very large tracks. You determined they were headed in the direction of Rok’Var and decided to follow them. A day outside of Rok’Var you encountered a pair of Ogrekin (half-ogres), and after a tough fight managed to defeat them. Your party arrived in the forgotten city, and followed the tracks along an ancient, broken road.

You were ambushed by a large group of goblins hiding in some ruins, but every single goblin perished beneath your might. Making your way to a large hill with a stone structure buried underneath, you followed the tracks until they led directly into the hill itself! Determining there must be a secret door, you searched until you found the mechanism. Attempting to disable the trap on the mechanism you accidently triggered a rockslide from the hill, but managed to open the secret door to a cave entrance.

The Book of Varik

You discovered that the plain looking book was actually something much more. This magical book is actually the The Book of Varik, founder of the Druid Order. Finding a magical incantation hidden inside the book, you stumbled upon a way of transporting yourselves to a different plane of existence. Here in this other plane, you met Varik and learned some dark secrets of the Kingdom of Kalinor and about its true history. It was revealed to you that the Goblins were good, peaceful people and that in actuality it was the men that were evil and warmongering.

Varik said that he would be able to help you with more information later, but warned that continued traveling between the planes would result in losing a part of yourselves.

When returning to the normal plane, you saw a group led by the man you delivered the box to laying an ambush. They were unprepared for the burst of energy when you arrived. You defeated them, and the shady man vanished just as the killing blow would land upon him.

The Trial at Pellenor

You found a guide to take your party through the forest, although the forest itself tried to stop you from reaching Pellenor. A Druid named Orliss saved you from the forest, and helped you reach the keep, a giant natural stone tower. You went with Orliss and met with the Druid Council but were interrupted by word of an attack on Varikdale! The Druids teleported you to Varikdale where you were split up. Some of you fighting to the death helped defend Varikdale, but some of you chose a greedy reward. Alas, it was revealed to be just a Trial so the Druids could judge your character and deem you worthy of going on their quest.

With concerns, you were judged worthy and sent to Kalinor City to meet with the King. Just outside Varikdale on the road, you met a Druid who had a request. All but one of you agreed to be paid for protecting and taking a black stone box to the City. After fighting bandits along the way yet again, you made it to the west bank of the lake. Choosing to wait for the bridges to raise instead of taking a ferry across, you stayed at the inn overnight.

In the morning, you went to a tavern to meet your contact and deliver the box. The tavernkeeper Winthrop pointed you to a shady fellow in the corner. You made your delivery for a substantial amount of gold, and made your way to the palace. At the palace, one of you noticed that the royal family portrait contained a familiar face, that of the Druid you met on the road. He was in fact, Prince Grevik.

A hurried meeting with the very busy King resulted in one of his advisers assisting you with an official writ, some upgraded equipment, and a visit to a library. You found a book the Druids said would help you in your quest.

To Pellenor

The Mayor of Stonerun sent you on a quest to discover the reason behind the Goblin Holes and learn more about the threat to the Kingdom. He sent your party to Pellenor to discover secrets from the Druids. After fighting some bandits and other monsters along the way, you made it to Varikdale outside the forest.

The story begins

Your party found themselves in the town of Stonerun at the beginning of the Summer Festival. After playing in some of the games, which at least one of you took first place in, there was a great feast. During the feast, a large sinkhole enveloped tables and Goblin screams pierced the silence. A Goblin raiding party stormed out of the hole and began attacking people. Your group, along with the brave Sir Gareth, fended off the Goblin attack.

At the request of the Mayor of Stonerun, Sir Gareth led a party into the depths of the Goblin Hole to make sure there weren’t more Goblins waiting to pour into Stonerun. You fought your way through a series of caves, coming to a hole at the back of the last cave. Inside the hole, you discovered an ancient crafted hallway with carved murals depicting a civilization of Goblins. Down the hallway was a room with two huge Goblin statues releasing energy into some ball of blueish-black energy. In the room you slew a Goblin Necromancer who closed the portal and brought down the room. At the last moment, you safely escaped back into the caves and made your way victorious back to the town of Stonerun. Brave Sir Gareth did not make it.

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