Kingdom of Kalinor

The story begins

Your party found themselves in the town of Stonerun at the beginning of the Summer Festival. After playing in some of the games, which at least one of you took first place in, there was a great feast. During the feast, a large sinkhole enveloped tables and Goblin screams pierced the silence. A Goblin raiding party stormed out of the hole and began attacking people. Your group, along with the brave Sir Gareth, fended off the Goblin attack.

At the request of the Mayor of Stonerun, Sir Gareth led a party into the depths of the Goblin Hole to make sure there weren’t more Goblins waiting to pour into Stonerun. You fought your way through a series of caves, coming to a hole at the back of the last cave. Inside the hole, you discovered an ancient crafted hallway with carved murals depicting a civilization of Goblins. Down the hallway was a room with two huge Goblin statues releasing energy into some ball of blueish-black energy. In the room you slew a Goblin Necromancer who closed the portal and brought down the room. At the last moment, you safely escaped back into the caves and made your way victorious back to the town of Stonerun. Brave Sir Gareth did not make it.



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