Kingdom of Kalinor


You set out from your campsite south of Kalinor City. Deciding to first stop at Stonerun and resupply, the four day journey was uneventful. Upon arriving in Stonerun, the town was strangely silent and devoid of any people. You soon realized that it had been attacked, with several buildings damaged or even burnt down. Making your way to the center of town, you discovered where the citzens of Stonerun made their valiant stand against whoever attacked. There were bodies of townspeople strewn about, yet no sign of who might have caused all this carnage.

You noticed many foot and boot prints heading west, as well as wagon and a set of very large tracks. You determined they were headed in the direction of Rok’Var and decided to follow them. A day outside of Rok’Var you encountered a pair of Ogrekin (half-ogres), and after a tough fight managed to defeat them. Your party arrived in the forgotten city, and followed the tracks along an ancient, broken road.

You were ambushed by a large group of goblins hiding in some ruins, but every single goblin perished beneath your might. Making your way to a large hill with a stone structure buried underneath, you followed the tracks until they led directly into the hill itself! Determining there must be a secret door, you searched until you found the mechanism. Attempting to disable the trap on the mechanism you accidently triggered a rockslide from the hill, but managed to open the secret door to a cave entrance.



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